2016 was not the best year.


Personally, politically, and certainly not if you’re a celebrity.  The world seems somehow more dangerous now, volatile.  There is a feeling of unrest with very little hope that I’ve not felt in my lifetime.  I’m sure  generations before me were plagued with this feeling throughout much of their lives, and I know many of my generation haven’t had it as easy as I have.


But for me, the world feels like a different place.


If I look at the facts, 2016 didn’t affect me tangibly in a terrible way.  I have my Love, my family, my dogs…a roof over my head and food to eat.  I AM very fortunate.  But the roof and the food would be harder to come by if not for my family.  And my health, while not terrible, isn’t the best.  I’m learning to live with mild chronic pain and it’s not at all fun.  I was lucky enough to spend the summer in Colorado at one of my favorite places, Blue Mountain Ranch.  But I spent most of that time there without Eric (he was working furiously in OK on the house), so it just wasn’t the experience I had hoped.  Anxiety has raised its ugly head more than I’d like, due to the mugging that happened a couple of years ago.  I know that it’s not rational, but that doesn’t help to quell it.


Yet for some reason I am hopeful for 2017.  Even though I, personally, am terrified of what will happen with our presidency/government. My immediate instinct is to hide away in the comfort of what’s familiar and seemingly safe.


That feeling of life happening around me without my participation has gnawed away at me all year.


Time is moving WAY too fast.


I was sitting in the yard of the house we’re renovating picking weeds, thinking of my cousin who’s vacationing in the Caribbean.  She’s creating such memories right this very second!  When I travel, I can’t even fathom being the one still at home, in a mundane life.  How are they not crying all the time for not being on this amazing trip???  I sat there, still pulling weeds, nonplussed that I wasn’t in the Caribbean.  WTF???  I searched for why that could be.  Am I happy here pulling weeds?  Nope.  Would I rather be in the Caribbean?  Uh…yep!  So what’s the deal?


I think that it’s because I didn’t dream it, plan it, think about it – MAKE IT A POSSIBILITY!  I resigned myself to being here, pulling weeds.


And so because of that, IT WAS OK.


So…you see where I’m going with this? ?


It’s easy to become complacent, stay in your secure bubble, get used to your routine and trick yourself into feeling like you like it. (And if you truly do like that life and you don’t have wanderlust, that’s totally ok too, but you might get nothing out of this story).  It starts to feel real.  And it IS scary to take a risk and do something with a very uncertain outcome.


But… “we only regret the chances we didn’t take”!!!




So if your heart is full of wander, like mine is, and you feel like you’ve become stagnant, I encourage you to dream, plan, and prepare for what you want!  Whatever that is!


Ask yourself if in a year’s time you’ll regret taking a chance, or still be exactly where you are, wishing you’d put your life in motion.


I’ve been planting the seeds in my life over this past year full of struggle and growth, to be truly fulfilled and happy this time next year.  I plan to write a very different post at the end of 2017. It will be a post full of adventure and amazing experiences!


I’m nervous for sure about this life of uncertainty, but more than anything I’m excited to feel alive!


To EXPERIENCE life, not just live it!!


So this New Year’s Eve, resolve to take a travel of the soul and discover what you truly want out of life.


That’s our plan!


Make it a Happy New Year!!!


It’s all up to you…