Need a packing list for your next beach vacation?  Look no further!

Being a lover of all things beachy, many of my vacations have been to the ocean.  I’ve taken stock of the things I wear over and over again on each trip and have identified which pieces are ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS on every beach vacation.  Here are my picks for the essentials to pack for a tropical beach vacation!

*Some links in this post are affiliate links that help pay the bills, but all opinions are, as always, my very own.  I won’t steer you wrong just to make a buck, I promise!


1.  Floral Shorts




Comfy, lightweight and cute, these shorts dry fast and are equally acceptable over your suit on the beach or paired with any cute shirt and great accessories for evening!


2. Denim Shorts




So I’m breaking my own rule here with a heavy fabric in a tropical location, but a good pair of denim shorts is a must for anyone who’s even slightly boho chic!  Which I certainly am! They pair with ANY top – a must when trying to save room.


3.  Active Skirt




I know you probably don’t usually dress up your running skirts, but you can!  Pair this with either of the halter tops in the Vacay collection and heels for an evening look, or if you’re heading on an adventure hiking or ziplining, the mesh shorts underneath will keep you modest – you can even dip in the ocean!  And there are hidden phone/money pockets!  I NEVER travel without at least one of these skirts.  This skirt by Skirt Sports is my favorite because the shorts are a bit longer (which helps with the infamous chub rub) and the pockets are big enough to hold my phone.


4.  Versatile Caftan




Yes, this is part of the Vacay line, and I almost put it in my 5-Piece Collection, but it was one of those items that I JUST COULDN”T STOP thinking about, so it made it to my essentials list!  This versatile caftan can be worn alone over a swim suit, over your leggings when it’s cooler, and looks super cute with your denim shorts!


5. Extra Tank tops


Must-have: a couple of extra tanks!  These will also go with any of the bottoms and can be paired with a skirt and glam accessories for night or thrown on with shorts for a daytime look!



This purple tank gives some breeze and sexiness in the back…while pairing it with something else flowy, try tying the back to make it more fitted!




Every trip needs a perfect white tank! I like this one because it’s fitted, but not too tight, just the right length, and has the cute little pocket.



I LOVE the back of this pretty peach tank! This one can be tied or tucked as well to make more fitted!


6.  Bandelettes




OK, I’m just gonna put it out there.  I avoid wearing skirts and dresses, especially in the heat, because of chub rub.  I’m not embarrassed about it anymore because it’s just my body type.  It happened when I was a size 2 and it happens now.  I don’t want to wear bike shorts or slather myself with glide and thankfully, the ladies at Bandelettes didn’t want to either!  Check out their line of super sexy thigh bands!  Seriously, they work like an f’in charm!!


Pair these Tropical Essentials  with my capsule Vacay travel wardrobe and you will have an almost endless supply of outfits with 12 mix-and-match pieces!  Add my Go-To Plane Outfit and it makes it an even 15!


What are your travel essentials?
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