Globetrotter Interviews: What are they?

In this series, Globetrotter Interview, I ask burning questions to those who travel lots and travel well! You’ll find funny stories, travel hacks, style advice and tips for the road…or plane…or train…really wherever your adventure may take you! Travel along with these fabulous people…

Styled Siders, meet Kelly!

Kelly is THE only person I trust to do my makeup without me wanting to redo it.  Seriously.  To look at her, you might want to hate her; she’s gorgeous, tall, thin, AMAZING style.  But don’t stop there…get to know her because she is one of the sweetest people I’ve met, not to mention she can make a day on set waiting around loads of fun!  Imagine what traveling with her would be like???  She’s a well seasoned traveler, for work and pleasure, and always with style.

Short of stalking her, we can at least follow along on her fashion trip through her blog, Velvet’s Edge and her Instagram.  Trust me, you will be coveting!!

Now let’s get to why you’re really reading – here you have the Globetrotter Interview!

What is your most unforgettable meal eaten while traveling?

Oh gosh, I have eaten SO well when traveling. There are different meals I crave in different cities. Nashville has terrible sushi options, so when I’m traveling anywhere with good sushi those are always my first and favorite choices. Nobu and Katsuya or Koi in LA and NYC all the time!

What’s in your carry-on bag?

Everything! I try to never check a bag if I don’t have to. Baggage claim takes so damn long!

Name 3 items you don’t leave home without while traveling?

Melatonin. I’m a terrible sleeper.
Mophe Phone Charging case, for those times when you can’t find a plug in.
Doterra OnGuard Oil. I put it on the bottoms of my feet at night before bed to keep my immune system high and to keep from getting sick on the road!

Of the places you’ve traveled, what is one place you wanted to stay forever and one place you couldn’t wait to leave?

So many places I’ve wanted to stay forever!!! Basically anywhere warm, with a beach — Mexico, California, even parts of Florida which isn’t that far from me. The ocean is just so peaceful and centering for me, I never want to leave it.

I had a nightmare travel day to Canada one time and was so ready to leave before I even got there.

What’s your best travel tip/life hack?

Never check a bag unless you have to.
Utilize yelp and other google apps to take in the best local scenes.
Book hotels on Hotel Tonight or Jetsetter for amazing deals on great hotels.

What’s in your camera bag?

A Canon Rebel T6 that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas.

Coolest hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

Sunset Marquis in LA. It’s not the fanciest, but it’s definitely the coolest. Every time I stay there, some rock star is also staying there. It’s totally rock and roll, old LA vibes.

What is your most treasured souvenir?

Honestly just my pictures!

What’s your travel style? (do you give up comfort for fashion? Try to mix the two? Don’t care what you look like as long as you’re comfy?)

I always want to be comfy, but not sloppy. A cool vintage tee, sweater, jeans and sneakers are pretty much the uniform.

Best packing tip?

Plan your outfits before you pack to avoid overpacking.

What’s your weirdest travel habit?

I don’t know that this is weird, but I am not a spontaneous traveler. I like having a plan and reservations.

What’s your longest trip with just a carry on?

Iceland. I felt really proud of myself on that one.

Selfie-stick or selfie-arm?

Selfie-arm, but I’m always cursing myself for forgetting to bring my selfie stick.

Where you go for a relaxing vacation?

Any beach. Hands down.

Where you go for an adventure vacation?

I think you can find adventure in any location.

The place you most want to visit that you’ve never been?


What do you miss most while traveling?

My friends back home. I love traveling so much, but do miss my people when I’m gone so much.

Most adventurous excursion?

Haiti. I went to help rebuild housing. It wasn’t glamorous, but adventurous, scary and awesome all at the same time.

Do you prefer to stay in one place for a while, or bounce from location to location?

I like to bounce around until I get tired and then I just want to be home for a bit

Favorite beach?

Right now, Punta Mita, Mexico. I just got back from there and I am obsessed

Most romantic place you’ve visited?

My boyfriend is honestly really romantic. I’m a lucky girl. He has made so many cities feel romantic. From the beach to New York City. Maybe it’s more the people you are with than just the location.



Thanks Kelly for letting us in on your travel secrets! Don’t forget to head over and check out her amazing blog, Velvet’s Edge!

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