We’re taking a NEW walk on the styled side!

There comes a time in every blog’s life where it needs a little refresh…ok let’s be real…


There comes a time in all of our lives where WE need a little refresh.  I need a refresh! 

Maybe it’s the political climate, maybe it’s in the stars, but I need something else.  Something that inspires me, challenges me, even scares the hell out of me.

Since we started this blog, things have changed a bit.  We are still traveling, but our locations are at the mercy of Eric’s job. And even though we’re in beautiful Miami Beach at the time of this writing, it’s not where we planned nor thought we’d be! (I was dead set on RVing around Europe – and I’m not giving up on that one!) I know, I know, best laid plans…

I’m still mobile, doing my website design and digital marketing biz, but I felt like I needed something else.  Something a little more (virtually) social.  It gets a little lonely working on your own everyday! Especially for an extrovert!


Inspiration came from a very unexpected source.

So… when I got my last client check, I knew I wanted to get Rodan + Fields Lash Boost right away.  When you’re in the middle of your oh-so-fun yearly girl exam and you can’t stop staring at the PA’s AMAZING lashes trying to see if they’re extensions (I’m looking HARD and I don’t see any!) and it’s the first thing you ask about when your feet are out of the stirrups, you know it’s a product you MUST HAVE!   Anyway, as I’m talking to my pledge sister from my sorority who happens to be a consultant, I’m just getting so excited about the products I’m set to receive! The prospect of incredible lashes by Christmas and getting control of my sun damage is truly making me giddy. Weird, right?  I didn’t see that coming – I mean, no puppies were involved!

A couple of days later I saw that another great new product was launching, this one for under eye puffiness and dark circles (hello bad hotel beds and dogs who give me 4 inches of room at night, I swear I have photo proof).  I texted my friend and said I want some! When the discussion turned to becoming a consultant, unlike in the past with numerous encouragements to be in sales, I realized “I think I want to do this!”  I thought about how I could give other people that giddy feeling I had when I placed my order and decided to change my lashes and my skin! And it fit into my lifestyle so perfectly right now, needing to be able to work from anywhere with wifi.  And more importantly, the landscape has changed – so much of being social and networking is done online nowadays!

I then thought about all of the other cool products I love, and I know you’d love too, and I decided to give On The Styled Side a refresh! 


An upgrade! An expansion!

You’ll still be getting all the great travel info, advice and experiences, but I’ll also be bringing you much more style, beauty and life stuff!  You might see more of me instead of Eric, since he’s working full time.  But you know he’s still here by my side behind the scenes, reluctantly taking photo after photo until I think I look ok! 😜 And of course Murphy and Scotty aren’t going anywhere! (Except everywhere we go!)


I absolutely love style, and I believe that to truly be stylish, it has to pervade everything you do.  Choosing to have great skin is stylish. Being kind to one another and to animals is stylish. Being accepting of others and inclusive as opposed to exclusive is stylish.  And traveling our beautiful world to expand our own horizons is wickedly stylish.

This is still an adventure. 

For all of us! An evolution, fluid and changing.  This is life on the styled side! Take a walk with me…




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If you’re interested in learning more about Rodan + Fields products, getting rockin’ lashes, or becoming an R+F consultant, check out www.brookehyden.myrandf.com or shoot me an email!

P.S.  Here’s a peek at Miami Beach!