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Finding Inspiration | We All Need A Refresh!

We’re taking a NEW walk on the styled side! There comes a time in every blog’s life where it needs a little refresh…ok let’s be real… There comes a time in all of our lives where WE need a little refresh.  I need a refresh!  Maybe it’s the political climate, maybe it’s in the stars, but I need something else.  Something that inspires me, challenges me, even scares the hell out of me. Since we started this blog, things have changed a bit.  We are still traveling, but our locations are at the mercy of Eric’s job. And even...

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Summer in Costa Rica – Part One | Kids, Dogs and the Whole Fam Damily!

So you want to vacation in Costa Rica… With your kids.  And your dogs.  For 6 weeks!  Everyone thinks you’re pretty nuts, some people think you’re awesome, and you think you’re probably a combination of both!  We planned and researched and were guinea pigs in this process so you don’t have to be!  Over the next couple of posts, we’ll highlight how to visit Costa Rica with kids, visit Costa Rica with dogs, and stay in Costa Rica long term. This process was definitely not the easiest, and there were times I wanted to just give up, but now...

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Costa Rica 7- Day Itinerary | Introductory Beach Edition

So it’s your first time traveling to Costa Rica, and you’re overwhelmed with where to go.  We get it!  There are an endless amount of beautiful destinations in Costa Rica, so it’s really hard to choose! But… you have limited time, so you have to make a decision. Lucky for you, we’ve tested the waters and have done the work for you! This particular itinerary for first time travelers to Costa Rica is for the beach enthusiast (although, even if you’ve been to Costa Rica multiple times, you’ll still love this trip!).  It’s designed to be a very easy...

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10-Day South of France Itinerary | From Nice to Barcelona

People may hate us for saying this, but Paris is far from our favorite spot in France.   We LOVE Paris – how can you not??  But we can only be in a big city for so long.  Enter the South of France. We love this 10 day vacation itinerary for the South of France! You really can’t go wrong.  You’ll see where celebrities hang out (Cannes & Monaco), where tourists talk about (Antibes & Aix-en-Provence) and then a lot of places none of your friends have ever heard of – where the French hang out (Hyères, Île de...

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Travel Outfit Picks | Sundance Catalog Spring 2017

The Styled Side’s Travel Outfit Picks From The Sundance Catalog Spring 2017 I think about travel a LOT.  Maybe an unhealthy amount.  ?  But it’s part of my job, so I justify it that way!  And one thing I spend a ton of time considering is what my travel outfit is going to be in any situation.  It may be because styling is my background and I can’t for the life of me picture ANY person in ANY place without visualizing their outfit…but whatever the case, I’m totally obsessed. I’m also a bit obsessed with catalogs.  Not online catalogs or look...

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