Hi!  We’re Brooke and Eric, traveling adventurers, dog lovers, and most of the time goofballs!

We met through a mutual friend in 2013 after both having been through bad breakups, and despite our love skepticism, cupid hit us right in the hearts!
Eric was an electrician and Brooke, having previously been in the fashion industry at Zappos.com, was just back from a 9-month stint in France, and wanderlust was still rearing its head in her soul.  Slowly but surely she convinced Eric that a life of adventure and uncertainty freedom was where it’s at!
So we pursued the life of digital nomads and now do social media management, website creation, and digital marketing (www.hamptonhaymes.com) – all from our laptops wherever home happens to be at the moment!
We’re so excited you’re coming with us on this journey!

Meet Murphy and Scotty, our faithful travel companions!

Yes, traveling with our pups sometimes makes it a little more difficult, but it also is much more fulfilling!  And we end up meeting and talking to so many people we never would have otherwise!
Murphy is a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix who has a very, well… unique personality.  ? He loves to chase pigeons and squirrels, run crazy in the sand, burrow underneath the covers, and be in Brooke’s lap.  He’s been to 5 countries, one principality and counting…
Scotty is a real dog.  He’s a WestiePoo who loves almost everyone he meets, is ridiculously cute 24/7, and loves to chase the light (laser, flashlight, reflections – he’s not picky)!
They both absolutely love to explore new cities and all of the many, many smells!

Wondering why you should take style advice from Brooke?

With over 15 years experience in the fashion industry, Brooke has the uncanny ability to translate the latest trends across different lifestyles.
It is with this keen eye for style that Brooke oversaw the Style Editing team for Zappos.com. In addition to producing and directing photo shoots for Zappos.com, including Trends, Stylists’ Picks, lookbooks, magalogs and more, Brooke hand-selected products from more than 400 brands, managed the model casting and logistics, interviewed well-loved designers and celebrities, styled ensembles for the Shop By pages, and was the woman behind and the personality for Zappos Style and the More than Shoes blog. She also made frequent PR appearances on behalf of Zappos.com.

Holding degrees in both Fashion Design and French, Brooke Hyden spent five years of her life as a jewelry designer for her own label which has adorned celebrities and been seen in movies and TV.
When her head isn’t in her computer or she’s not on a shoot, you’ll find her chillin’ or hiking with her Love her my pups.  She’s SUCH an animal person, so don’t be offended if she ignores you when a cute puppy walks by!

A couple of places you might have seen her work:

Zappos Couture Ad – Vogue Magazine – Lead Stylist
Us Weekly – Style Expert
Marie Claire – Style Expert
How Do I Look – Style Network – Style Corespondent
Betsey Johnson – Interview – Style Corespondent
Nicole Miller – Interview – Style Corespondent
Kellan Lutz – Interview – Style Corespondent